Food Addiction Australia

woman seated eating junk food

I need help with Emotional Eating..

I turn to food for comfort, when I need stress relief, when I’m angry or sad, and at other times to reward myself. My weight loss efforts are being sabotaged and I am not in control. I want to learn how to overcome my emotional eating behavior.

Blue yo-yo sitting on scales on blue background

I need help to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting…

My diet failed again! And again, and again! It’s a cycle of losing and then gaining weight that never stops. I am getting frustrated and hate myself for lacking the willpower and discipline. I just want to stop gaining weight! I just want to get to my goal weight. Help me…

food addiction

I need help with Food Addiction…

I think I’m a food addict. I cannot stop eating. I constantly think about food. It is controlling every part of my day and my life. I feel so ashamed and guilty and I know it is affecting my health but I JUST CAN’T STOP! I have tried so many times to stop but CAN’T?

body disatI need help with Bod Dissatisfaction…

People on TV and in magazines look are PERFECT! I want to have the perfect body and be happy but every day I wake up with my body and that makes me so unhappy! I am constantly dieting and exercising but it doesn’t seem to make any difference! WHY? Help me be happy with my body.


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