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Do you look in the mirror and all you can see are your flaws and what is ‘not perfect’?

If you do then you are not alone. Millions of people every day either can’t look in the mirror as that cannot stand the site of their body or they are constantly objectifying the ‘bad’ bits and cannot see anything good.

This happens for men and women alike and has evolved because of our societies need for perfection and conformity. We do not celebrate differences and uniqueness; we only strive for a certain ideal. This leads to:Body Dissatisfaction ModelTrue happiness and health does not come from an idealised persona or form, it comes from within. A life lived comes from striving to reach goals that are important to you and will help to grow you as a person and make you truly happy.

Striving for body perfection stops you from truly living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life as you are constantly striving for only one thing and most of the time, how it occurs is not healthy. If you want to break the cycles and stop the constant and negative self-criticism, stress, exhaustion and hatred then Fit Minds & Bodies can help you. Book an appointment today to start learning how to be healthy, happy and find your path to inner peace and how to live your life.

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