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I Want to Stop Dieting

Healthy Weight Loss Is NOT About Dieting

Were you aware that dieting may be harming you and causing Eating and Weight Disorders (EWD) like Emotional Eating, Binge Eating etc.?


Your inability to be successful at weight loss and diets has little to do with your lack of:

  •  Self-discipline
  • Self-control
  • Willpower.

It has more to do with the inherent formula created by the Weight Loss and Diet Industry to get you to fail time and time again so they make more money! That is clear by how much Australian’s spent in the pursuit of wanting to lose weight and get the ‘perfect’ body.

WL and Fitness Industries Spend 2012 with copyright

You may also be placing your happiness and hope for a better life on:

  • The perfect body
  • A particular dress size
  • A particular number on the scales.

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However, if you have ever reached this goal, has anything really changed? If you are honest, you will say no. The answer is not about a particular size or weight, the answer lies within you. If you are not happy then you need understand why and change that, not your body. At Fit Minds & Bodies, we help you to understand why you can’t lose weight or maintain weight loss and we help you to be happy and healthy. Book an appointment to learn how to stop yo-yo dieting and find your happiness.

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