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Kellee Waters


Kellee Waters is a Food Addiction and Obesity Specialist. She is a:

  • Registered Psychologist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Pre-Diabetes Educator
  • Type 2 Diabetes Support Professional
  • Qualified Trainer and Speaker
  • Registered Personal Trainer.

Kellee helps adults and children with their eating, weight and self issues. Kellee has developed a designated Obesity and Food Addiction Clinic to help people of all ages break free of the torturous and tumultuous rollercoaster ride of weight, food, dieting and addiction. Fit Minds & Bodies’ Obesity and Food Addiction Clinic is a health and lifestyle clinic where you learn to empower yourself and gain control over food and weight, positively. The programs are based on providing you with the knowledge, understanding, skills, strategies and healing that you need to ‘restyle’ your life. The programs are uniquely based on how Kellee finally set herself free and now she helps others gain and enjoy the same freedom.

Kellee has also been the Clinic Psychologist for the Mater KOALA Clinic.  The KOALA Clinic is for children who are overweight and obese and their families and to help them change their lifestyles to reverse the effects of unhealthy lifestyles. It is not a weight loss clinic, it is a lifestyle and health change clinic incorporating a team of medical, allied health and community providers.

Kellee intimately understands the physical and psychological impact of weight, eating and food issues as she has personally suffered from:

  • childhood obesity
  • adult obesity
  • yo-yo dieting
  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • binge eating disorder
  • emotional eating/stress eating
  • food addiction
  • chronic pain, injury and illness
  • grief and loss.

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Kellee is regularly called on by the media, medical and allied health professionals, organisations as an expert on:

  • food addiction
  • addiction
  • disordered eating – emotional, stress, binge
  • obesity and health related issues
  • weight management and weight loss
  • body image and self image (self-esteem, confidence, belief)
  • stress management
  • goal-setting and achievement
  • relationships, family, parenting
  • self-sabotage
  • chronic pain and injury management
  • chronic illness/disease management
  • hypnosis
  • sleep management.

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Kellee has been on the following radio and TV shows and stations:

  • A Current Affair
  • Channel 9 and 10 News
  • Extra
  • 96.5FM
  • 99.7FM
  • B105
  • 97.3FM
  • Nova
  • SeaFM

Kellee is the motivational and weight loss psychologist for the national weight loss program for That’s Life Body Blast.

Round 1: Congratulations on taking the First Step

Round 2: Getting Ready for Success

Round 3: Beating the Belly Fat

Round 4: The Realistic Diet Rule

Round 5: Bingeing and Food Addiction –  Part One

Round 6: Bingeing and Food Addiction – Part Two

Round 7: How To Be Successful

Kellee has provided educational workshops, been a guest/key note speaker for the following organisations:

  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • ANZ
  • WorkCover QLD
  • Diabetes Australia
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Genesis Health Clubs
  • Whittaker Macnaught
  • Oz Care
  • General Practice QLD

If you would like to contact Kellee about a workshop or being a guest speaker please send an email to:

Fit Minds and Bodies